About USHL

Annual Operational Performance.

All USHL claims processing, adjudication and member service is provided by our sister USHH subsidiary,
Automated Benefit Services (ABS).

ABS operational performance is tracked annually against established benchmarks, and the company also
undergoes an annual SSAE 16 examination.

ABS Operational Performance

2015 Annual Statistics

Customer Service Benchmark Actual
Speed of Answer < 30sec 32.0sec
Abandonment Rates < 5% 2.0%
In-Service Level > 80% 87.3%
Quality > 96%  96.86%
Turnaround Time < 10 days 7.88 days
Financial Accuracy Rate > 99% 99.83%
Procedural Accuracy Rate > 97% 98.65%
Audit Department
Percentage Claims Audited to Processed > 3% 2.2%
Enrollment Department
Enrollment Quality > 95% 99.45%
COBRA Quality > 95% 99.5%
COBRA Turnaround Time > 95% 100%
Quality > 95% 100%
Turnaround Time > 95% 99.85%
Customer Service
Quality 96.86%
Financial Accuracy
Rate 99.83%
Quality 99.45%
Quality 100%

2015 ABS

SSAE 16 Examination


ABS Control activities provide reasonable assurance that:*

  • Office facility, production system and information technology infrastructure is protected from physical threats and certain environmental threats
  • System information is protected from unauthorized or unintentional use and modification
  • Production systems are regularly backed up and are recoverable in the event of damage to critical data
  • All providers are properly authorized; provider information is complete, accurate and changes are properly authorized
  • Fee schedules are set up correctly and updated for changes in a complete, accurate and timely manner
  • Unique benefit plan specifications are complete and accurate based on parameters set by groups
  • Data access is limited to authorized personnel
  • Invoices to employers are timely, complete and accurate
  • Claims are paid timely and in the proper amount; duplicate claims are not paid

* Partial summary of AICPA SOC SSAE16 report findings