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Dental Coverage Highlights.

  • Dental coverage from USHL complements USHL medical coverage, allowing employers to gain a full package of benefits backed by unparalleled service.
  • Groups select the desired plan, deductible, annual max and ortho max** to tailor a plan to their member needs.
  • The DenteMax network offers the global advantage of paying both participating and non-participating providers from the applicable fee schedule– meaning that each member can utilize the services of any desired provider and still receive coverage and benefits.*
  • Guaranteed-issue rates.
  • A staff of more than 170 professionals in claims, billing and client services stand behind USHL plans, and provide unparalleled levels of service to members and groups.
  • Online resources assist members 24/7 with needs including Explanation of Benefits (EOB) copies, provider lookups and coverage questions.
  • USHL Dental coverage is not available with USHL Metal Plan Medical Coverage.

* Fee schedules apply. Balance billing is the patient's responsibility.
** Available Orthodontic Services (Class V) only for dependent children up to age 19 and only if benefit selected.