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Training Toolbox.

Module I: Why Self-Funding?

Self-funding mechanics and an overview of why many small employers today should consider this as an ideal approach to their medical benefit coverage.

Module II: Program Overview

Basic program details are covered, along with a comparison of SafeGuard with insured or traditional self-funded coverage.

Module III Benefit Designs and Options

An overview of available SafeGuard HDHP and traditional benefit designs and add-on options, coverage highlights, and available networks.

Module IV. Quoting and Underwriting

The process of obtaining a baseline rate quote and underwritten rates for SafeGuard, along with identifying information and documents required.

Module V. The New Business Process

How to submit a group for new business processing and related timelines for offer delivery, offer acceptance and enrollment.

Module VI. Excess Loss Insurance

The basics of excess loss insurance coverage, and how this component of SafeGuard insulates the employer from unexpected claims.

Module VII. Monthly Billing

The components of SafeGuard monthly billing, the ACH payment process, impact of census changes on monthly billing.

Module VIII. Reporting, Re Contracting and Settlement

The timeline for SafeGuard program stages, the reporting and re-contracting stages and related paperwork, and the settlement process.

Module IX. SafeGuard THN

An overview of available SafeGuard THN including the unique aspects and advantages of this portfolio.

Module X. SafeGuard AHCN

An overview of available SafeGuard AHCN including the unique aspects and advantages of this portfolio.