Verifying Eligibility

USHL allows providers to verify member eligibility and access benefit and claim information 24/7 via either secure online services or fax recall, or during normal business hours by contacting customer service. Member information can only be accessed by treating physicians in order to ensure patient confidentiality.

Provider Secure Online Services

First-time users must complete the USHL Provider Web Portal Access Application. Registered providers can also add authorized secure services users within the applicable section of this form.

USHL Fax Recall

The USHL fax recall system can be accessed at 586-693-4424 (EGP fax recall 888-229-2210). Provider representatives will be required to supply a receiving fax number, provider Tax Identification Number and the member identification number.

USHL Customer Service

Customer service is available weekdays from 8:30 am until 4:30 pm ET; the applicable customer service number will be listed on the back of the member identification card.