USHL Rewards

USHL Rewards Wellness Program

Helping employees achieve best personal health 

Achieving a healthier lifestyle and adopting healthy habits can be directly linked to one’s awareness of health metrics and regular reflection on fitness and nutrition. Why does this matter to employers? Because happier, healthier individuals mean better, more productive employees.

With the USHL Rewards Wellness Program, employers are able to engage their employees– wherever they are in their personal health journey– in health-related activities and challenges in a convenient and secure internet-based environment: Raising health awareness, encouraging healthy behaviors, and fostering a workplace that is supportive of health objectives.

USHL Rewards resources and activities include:

  • Biometric Dashboard
  • Exercise and Nutrition Goal Tracking
  • Health Assessment
  • Health Resources
  • Health News Feed
  • Knowledge Management Wellness Courses
  • Wellness Communications
  • Additional activities and challenges

The USHL Rewards Wellness Program is available to groups electing either large group insured high deductible health plans (HDHPs) or SafeGuard HDHP healthcare coverage.

Ask your sales representative about the USHL Rewards Wellness Program, or review program resources on this page.