Advanced Care with AHCN

AMITA Health Care Network offers advanced care via electronic medical records, a population health tool and the recent launching of innovative mobile applications eAMITA and AMITA Health ✔ – that use patient-generated health data to monitor more than 100 different health conditions in certain specialties.


  • No waiting to see a doctor in person
  • Visit for instructions on downloading the app
  • Connect with AMITA Health physicians from your smartphone, tablet or PC from wherever you are without going into a doctor's office
  • Conditions treated include: bronchitis, cough & cold, seasonal allergies, sinus & upper respiratory infections, conjunctivitis (pink eye), gout, heartburn & indigestion, influenza, lower back pain, skin conditions, urinary tract infections

AMITA Health ✔:

  • Simplifies complex care plans into daily steps
  • Monitors medication side effects
  • Allows patients to communicate with their care teams about every aspect of their health, from any device, at any time, anywhere
  • Enables AMITA Health to monitor and intervene quickly when an issue develops
  • Coordinates informing caregivers – near or far – to ensure a loved one is on track with the patient's health plan