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Alcohol use
CDC - Alchol and Public Health

WebMD - Allergies Health Center
MedlinePlus - Allergy

Antibiotic Use
MedlinePlus - Antibiotics
CDC - Know When Antibiotics Work

Arthritis Foundation
CDC - Arthritis

Blood Clots
WebMD - Blood Clots
NIH - Signs and Symptoms of Blood Clotting
AHRQ - Blood Clot Prevention


High Blood Pressure / Hypertension
American Heart Association - Understanding Blood Pressure Readings
American Heart Association - High Blood Pressure
NIH - High Blood Pressure
CDC - High Blood Pressure

Bone Loss / Osteoporosis
MedlinePlus - Bone Loss
Women's Health - Osteoporosis
Medicine Net - Bone Loss

Breast Cancer
CDC - Breast Cancer
WebMD - Breast Cancer Health Center
National Cancer Institute - Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer

Cancer Screening, Prevention and Early Detection Guidelines
CDC - Cancer Screening Tests
American Cancer Society - Screening Guidelines
American Cancer Society - Early Detection

Cervical Cancer Information and Screening Guidelines
CDC - Cervical Cancer
CDC - Gynecologic Cancers - Screening

Cholesterol Control
WebMD - Cholesterol Control
Mayo Clinic - High Cholesterol
CDC - High Cholesterol

Colorectal Cancer Information and Screening Guidelines
CDC - What is Colorectal (Colon) Cancer
CDC - Colorectal (Colon) Cancer Screening Guidelines

Medline Plus - Depression
WebMD - Depression
Mental Health America

American Diabetes Association
American Diabetes Association - Diabetes Basics
National Diabetes Education Program

Dietary Guidelines
Health - Dietary Guidelines
Choose My Plate - Dietary Guidelines

Drug Use
NIH - DrugFacts
Help Guide - Drug Abuse and Addiction

Eating Disorders
Mental Health - Eating Disorders

Environmental Health
CDC - Environmental Health

Exercise Guidelines
CDC - Physical Activity

Flu Prevention

Food Labeling, Food Poisoning and Food Safety
USDA - Food Labeling
Food Safety - Food Poisoning
Food Safety

Gluten Intolerance / Celiac Disease
National Foundation for Celiac Awareness

Gynecological Cancers
CDC - Gynecologic Cancers

Healthy Skin
Mayo Clinic - Skin Care

Heart Health
American Heart Association
WebMD - Heart Health


Immunity Information and Tips
WebMD - Immune Boosting Foods
Vaccines - Basics

Kid’s Health
Kids Health

Lung Cancer
CDC - Lung Cancer

Mental Health
Mental Health

Managing Back Pain
WebMd - Back Pain Health Center
Berkeley University - Managing Lower Back Pain

Women's Health - Menopause
Mayo Clinic - Menopause

Men's Health
MedlinePlus - Men's Health

Mental Wellness for Service Members and Military Families
Military OneSource - Mental Health Resources

Ovarian Cancer
CDC - Ovarian Cancer

Prenatal Care
Choose My Plate - Dietary Guidelines
Women's Health - Prenatal Care

Prostate Cancer
CDC - Prostate Cancer

Psychiatric Health
WebMD - Psychiatry and Counseling

Reproductive Health
CDC - Reproductive Health

Senior Health - 
NIH - National Institue on Aging

Sleep Apnea
NIH - Sleep Apnea

Skin Cancer
CDC - Skin Cancer

Stress Management
HelpGuide - Stress Management
Mayo Clinic - Stress Management
American Heart Association - Stress Management

Travelers’ Health
CDC - Travelers' Health

Veterans—Mental Health
Mental Health

Weight Management
Nutrition - Weight Management
WebMD - Weight Loss and Diet Plans

Women’s Healthcare
Women's Health
CDC - Women's Health